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L-assis is a full-service law firm with:

Local roots and long history of practice. L-assis was founded in Khmelnytskyi and has developed an extensive practice providing a full range of legal services in support of our multinational clients as they enter and develop their presence on the West Ukrainian market. The L-assis team has a long term legal experience and practice in Khmelnytskyi (more than 10 years).

One of West Ukraine's strongest multilingual legal staffs. We have a total of 10 attorneys in our Khmelnytsky office and over 15 off-counsels in Khmelnytsky region.

Quality. L-assis works pursuant to the top international standard of the legal services. Each assignment is worked out by prominent and well-experienced counsels that guarantees the brilliant results.



L-assis have extensive and successful experience in advising our clients on Ukrainian and international commercial law, including drafting and negotiating various kinds of contracts, participation in negotiations and representation before different authorities.


Negotiations and Transactional Work

A pragmatic approach to negotiations. Our clients value us for our results and the productive contribution that the firm's lawyers make in conference rooms. Our vast experience allows us to help the client get a realistic assessment of risks, to focus on important issues and not to waste precious time on the hypothetical. This practical approach ensures that our clients spend less time in negotiations and, therefore, less money on fees.

Specialist staff and information synergies. We have staff with years of training in M&A work. That is why we can, for example, assign a highly experienced lawyer to each set of transaction documents which the seller receives, in a bidding process, from potential buyers. We are no strangers to working on several M&A projects at one time, sometimes in the same sector, and often see in short succession working drafts produced by many key market players. This keeps us up to date and on the cutting edge of market trends.

As market leaders in Khmelnytskyi for many years, we have accumulated a treasure trove of transaction documentation under the law of the key jurisdictions, primarily under English law. The expertise of our lawyers, many of whom were educated and trained in common law countries, allows them to translate in just hours a complex on-the-fly deal a client has made into a solid multipage legal document.


Legal due diligence

In due diligence we always keep in mind the end goal of the exercise. We seek to give our client a clear idea of the company's business model and key legal exposures, and arm the buyer with arguments in negotiating the distribution of risks with the seller. In our work for sellers, we recommend a disclosure strategy and prepare companies to implement it. We always remember the key rule in M&A disclosure, 'disclosure is protection, not exposure' And the results of our due diligence are always integrated into the negotiation strategy and transaction documents.


Real Estate law

L-assis successfully completed many substantial real estate projects with the value of dozens million US dollars in the last few year, efficiently representing our clients in real estate deals between commercial organization and projects involving privatization / lease of stated-owned real estate property.

Finance and banking

L-assis is constantly acting as a legal advisor on numerous issues relating to financial and banking areas. Having one of the most qualified and successful team of the counsels in said areas, the firm provides high quality services to foreign and local clients on the big projects as well as relating to day-to-day operations.


Litigation and dispute resolution  

L-assis has one of the most experienced and successful litigation teams in Khmelnytsky region. Our attorneys are brilliant professionals in any kind of proceedings in the West Ukrainian State courts, intermediate courts as well as in the international arbitrations. Also, we successfully enforce the most of the court decisions / arbitration awards that is quite complicated task in the West Ukrainian realities. Nevertheless, we always make our best to resolve when it is possible any disputes through amicable and pre-trial settlement procedures that allow our clients to save their time and costs.


Labour and HR

L-assis counsels have substantial experience in such sensitive matter as labour and HR. We effectively work on various aspects of compliance with laws in this sphere as well as focus on creating positive in-house climate in our clients' teams.



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