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Company Formation in Khmelnytskyi


Registration services

Our standard package of related services includes arranging various registrations with State agencies required in case of many corporate events, from company creation to share issues.

We are certain that our government relations practice and frequent co-operation with the regulators, primarily in the financial sector, gives us a strong competitive advantage.


Corporate Governance

Private business and joint ventures. Ukrainian law lacks flexibility in structuring relations between shareholders. To address this deficiency we offer our clients additional solutions based on more flexible laws in other jurisdictions. This gives our clients a vast toolbox to prevent and resolve conflicts and deadlocks. We fashion these tools for each client with their unique set of needs in mind. Unlike Ukrainian legislators, we understand that solid protection for investors and minority shareholders is a cornerstone of a reliable framework for joint ventures.

'Quasi-public' companies. We are well aware that in Khmelnytskyi most companies with 'public' in their names are public in name only.

Public companies. True public companies are few in West Ukraine and the demand for classic instruments of corporate governance is limited. Despite tough competition we managed to secure our leading position in this market niche, offering our clients solutions meeting the high standards of developed stock markets.


Business Restructuring. Deal Structuring

In addition to a solid foundation of routine legal work, we offer our clients cutting edge legal solutions. We see law as a tool for achieving the reasonable goals of honest business and reject the view of law as a straitjacket submitting businesses to the often twisted and unrealistic logic of the legislators. That is why we are always open to innovations. We persist until we find a legal solution allowing us to greenlight a client's project, even one which may have seemed unachievable in the beginning.

Foreign holding structures and tax planning. We are well prepared to meet the growing demand for creation of foreign holding structures for West Ukrainian (Khmelnytskyi) business and for international tax planning. We have established a close and well-tested working relationship with the best providers of company secretary and trustee services from the most popular jurisdictions. The skills of our team have been honed to perfection in dozens of similar projects.


Tax advice, litigation and planning 

Оur lawyers are listed among the best practicing tax legal experts of West Ukraine. This area becomes more and more burning in Khmelnytsky region and we are proud to provide our clients with best tax support in th difficult Ukrainian tax environment.



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